Ergon Meccanica gathers manufacturing experience, expertise and skills gained and acquired in over twenty years in the hollow glass container production industry, ensuring a strong professional know-how for the services it offers. It is aimed at leading international operators for sector activities that can be done either in its workshop or at glass plants, having and providing highly qualified service engineer teams as well as suitable and appropriate means and equipment.

IS machine technical service and support maintenance both on individual and integrated whole components, performed at plants and facilities worldwide. Fully autonomous as regards general equipment and allocations: utilization of modular design shipping containers including fully equipped moving workshops, shipping containers including basic, spare parts and consumption components, locker room moving containers. On-site warehouse equipped with several spare parts in stock for prompt supply of all necessary materials throughout the course of an intervention. Internal management of business trips for mechanical fitters, engineering maintenance fitter, technical services teams, and service engineers, as well as goods and equipment.

Detailed key activities as follows:
  • Turnkey full machine installations, including cranes, hoists and lifting equipment
  • Section dismantling, on-site repairs and reassembling including mechanisms
  • Conversions, alignments and calibrations
  • Production start-up assistance
  • Audits, periodic special checks and inspections, upgradings, supervisions, and training courses
  • Troubleshooting for detection, identification and resolution of operational faults
  • Preliminary consulting in order to define modernization project and planning activities as well as machine and equipment replacements

    Fully structural component manufacturing forming IS machines up to final assembly and complete machine testing:
  • Beds
  • Uprights
  • Beams
  • Conveyors
  • Conveyor extensions
  • Blank Side Manifolds (BK)
  • Blow Side Manifolds (BW)
  • Special custom-made parts designed according to customer's specifications and drawings
  • Electrical and electronic wiring and cabling
  • Finding and locating from trade any field-specific components (valves, pipings, drives, aso.)
Facilities covering 15,000 m2 of indoor exploited area.

Repair management in the workshop concerning the full activity cycle:
  • Upon arrival at the workshop, selection, inspection and control of part and equipment condition
  • Disassembling and recovery of any components.
  • Utilization of special internal services: industrial washing, polishing and paint shops
  • Component repairing by using original spare parts.
  • Implementation of any general, pneumatic, lubrication, electrical, and electronic cables
  • Implementation of any carbon steel and stainless steel pipings
  • Final checks, inspections and operational tests, running- in periods performed on special test benches in order to check both mechanical and electronics functions
  • Serialization, packaging and shipment to consignee and destination or on-site reassembling

Key intervention strategies as follows:

Complete IS machines of any type and size: repairs, modifications and alterations, upgradings, testings running-in periods.

Gob forming mechanism repair: plunger, revolving tube, shear, gob distributor, scoop.

Section mechanism repair: baffle, funnel, blow head, invert, take-out, vertiflow, EPVB, plunger, MOC.

Control panels and cabinets, and electronics equipment: T600 LAN and VLAN, FlexIS timing

Planning and implementing targeted training programs performed in a fully equipped training room through the aid of an IS training forming machine based on two operating sections and equipped with a FlexIS Forming Process Control System.
In particular, each training is performed by production teams and it is aimed at effectively providing skills and guidelines on machine set-up and programming.